John Massengale and Victor Dover, Street Design, The Secret to Great Cities and Towns (Wiley, 2014). ISBN 1118066707

“Victor Dover and John Massengale have just delivered the definitive reference volume on how to make our streets great…. Indeed, I would take it a step further and say that the authors are not just designers but sages on the elements of great cities, towns and neighborhoods…. If you love cities, you’ll love the book and, just like I have, enjoy flipping through its chapters, learning something important on every page.” – Kaid Benfield, Special counsel NRDC; co-founder, Smart Growth America coalition

“This book could change the way people see the streets in their towns and cities. And it could help those towns and cities make streets for people, rather than their cars.” — Mayor Joe Riley, Charleston, South Carolina

“This fine book by Massengale and Dover is a treasure map to the long-buried trove of knowledge, skill, and principle needed to build better places for the human project to dwell in.” — from the forward by James Howard Kunstler, author of The Geography of Nowhere and The City in Mind

“The best streets in the world’s villages, towns, and cities—whether modest or grand—continually remind one that simplicity is part of the recipe for success in this art. The advice of Victor Dover and John Massengale, their historic examples and their own designs, reflect that simplicity.”—From the Foreword by HRH Prince Charles


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